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Side light is an expressive light direction. Light shines on the scene from the upper side, and the surface of the scene forms a rich layer of light and dark, with a large contrast between light and dark. The surface structure is prominently displayed due to each tiny protrusion, plus the projection in the opposite direction, the three-dimensional sense, the sense of space, and the sense of texture are all well represented. Foreground, mid-range, and long-term horizons are distinct. Therefore, this light is sometimes referred to as "structured light".
When shooting with side light under sunny sunshine, the close-up has a large contrast between light and dark, and the scene or characters are very eye-catching; while the long-distance has a small contrast between light and dark, shrouded in a layer of faint cyan twilight, the picture taken is very harmonious. In addition, the use of side light to express the surface texture of objects is also particularly effective.voip phone service